Getting started as an inspection company or inspector

Getting started as an inspection company or inspector

You’re a global, regional, domestic inspection company, a freelance QC pro, or you’re just interested in taking pictures. If you are looking at an added source of leads and more requests for inspections, then is the premier go-to place. We market our platform worldwide, and essentially do the marketing for our registered suppliers of looks and inspections, of quality control and audits. Creating an “inspection company” or “inspector account” is free of charge; pre-registration takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Applications then get screened and ranked by our operations department. An account is enabled for an inspection company or an inspector after the signature of a contractor agreement on average within 24 hours, which then allows them to start navigating the platform, and to submit lumpsum offers which may be of interest to them.

Inspection companies are also invited to create a “buyer account” on our platform; they may have customers who’ve entrusted them with inspections, but in an area where they have no presence, or where they don’t have the adequate resources or skillset. It’s as simple as creating a buyer account (with a different e-mail address if you already have an inspection company account), and posting a RFI! You’ll get multiple and competitive quotes within minutes, and you may even ask that the inspector complete your own inspection report template whilst you’re busy completing the details of your RFI.

Whether you’re a global inspection company or a freelance inspector, our team is here to advise when you most need it.

Whether you’re an ISO 17065 conformity assessment body, an inspection SME, a freelance QC/QA pro, or are simply good at taking pictures, we’re here to answer your questions and to take you through every step of the process when you most need us, 24/7/365!

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