Advantages of our service is the fastest way to match inspection requests and global inspection professionals.


With our network of freelance professionals and QC companies worldwide, you will get multiple competitive quotes instantly
Inspexion only works with certified professionals, you are sure to receive high-quality services and reporting.

Advantages of our service

Professionals only

Only professional outfits are registered on our platform. Vetted and screened, so you don’t get any nasty surprises when selecting your quality control provider!

Lightning quick

Save days and hundreds of e-mails! All you need to do is to post ONE request for inspection, and you’ll get lightning quick multiple offers, most often within minutes!

Best value for money

Get the best value for money with every offer! Pick the closest and most competent quality control company to your inspection site; why pay for someone else’s travel time?

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Management Tool

For the first time in the inspection industry, you are in full control of the process with tools like defining the timeframe for inspection, assigning a deadline for the inspection submission and being able to view your report, all on your personal Inspexion dashboard.

Using the management tool for all your inspections allows you to appoint multiple inspectors in multiple countries to inspect multiple specifications, all from one dashboard.

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