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We are a online marketplace for inspections and as such a trusted service provider for the inspection industry.

We guarantee buyers the job will get done, and we guarantee inspectors they will get paid.

Advantages of our service

Professionals only

Only professional outfits are registered on our platform. Vetted and screened, so you don’t get any nasty surprises when selecting your quality control provider!

Lightning quick

Save days and hundreds of e-mails! All you need to do is to post ONE request for inspection, and you’ll get lightning quick multiple offers, most often within minutes!

Best value for money

Get the best value for money with every offer! Pick the closest and most competent quality control company to your inspection site; why pay for someone else’s travel time?

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We supply inspection quotes to the industry and individuals.

As a marketplace for inspections we connect inspectors to industry role players and individual alike.

Traditional Inspection industries leaders use to supplement their international footprint. By registering and requesting an inspection on our platform they can extend their reach and appoint a local based inspector to subcontract for them, without the need for long term contracts.

We are also in the business of helping individuals from requesting their first inspections, to old hands at international trade.

Our marketplace is based on mutual trust and professional service.

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